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Articles for 2010

10 Dec 2010 Subdued trading for the sterling bond market in the run-up to Christmas. MPC member talks of "normalised" rates of 5%.
2 Nov 2010 B&B offers PIBS holders a buy-back.
1 Oct 2010 The World Money Show, and various reader questions.
1 Sep 2010 Credit spreads expand for the weaker sovereign borrowers. Lloyds long-dated bond still unavailable for Crest delivery. 
9 Aug 2010 Some thoughts from the readers on bond bubbles, and other matters.
1 Jul 2010 Bondscape celebrates its 10th anniversary.
1 Jun 2010 FTSE tests 5,000 (again). Gilts edge to new highs.
17 May 2010 Quality government bonds remain very firm. High-yield sector under the cosh, although poor market liquidity/transparency makes it difficult to pick up bargains.
7 Apr 2010 Feeling a little worse for wear.
1 Mar 2010 A couple of reader questions regarding PIBS and convertibles.
1 Feb 2010 Where can I find bond prices? 
4 Jan 2010 Market frets over potential for Greek default. We take a look at the pecking oder of European government bonds.