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Articles for 2011

1 Dec 2011 A happy New Year to all readers of the Bond Blog.
1 Nov 2011 Central banks commence a multi-lateral easing programme.
3 Oct 2011 Gilts, Bunds extend the rally. EFSF auction result weak whillst Italian yields push higher.
1 Sep 2011 Nat Grid issue closes at 260 million.
1 Aug 2011 Economic indicators volatile and show a mixed message.
28 Jul 2011 We take a look at Lloyds bonds.    
1 Jul 2011 Greek package lifts fringe European bonds.
2 Jun 2011 How are the banks doing? The Banker magazine brings out it's annual rankings.
3 May 2011 Some questions on IL gilts, and more new issues.
4 Apr 2011  A quick look at the Greek yield curve.
1 Mar 2011 A new issue for Rabobank, we take a starring role in a movie and some thoughts on the performance of the model portfolio.
1 Feb 2011  A trip to the London Stock Exchange.
3 Jan 2011 An update on the upcoming Tesco Bank bond deal.