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Articles for 2008

18 Dec 2008 Barclays SLXX ETF provides an easy entry into the non-Gilt bond asset class.
10 Dec 2008 Merrill Lynch bonds now look a safer bet as Bank of America merger proceeds.
3 Dec 2008 Long dated Gilts, War Loan etc, surge higher.
26 Nov 2008 British Telecom step-up coupon bond offers over 8% yield.
19 Nov 2008 Allied Domecq bonds offer tempting yield, but sub-investment grade credit rating suggests risk.
12 Nov 2008 Lloyds TSB issues new government-guaranteed 3yr bond.
5 Nov 2008 Bid-offer spreads remain wide in the bond markets as participants pull in their horns; defensive and high quality names retain better liquidity.
29 Oct 2008 AAA Rabobank bonds remain sought after.        
22 Oct 2008 Money market rates ease, indicating improving conditions in the financial sector. 
15 Oct 2008 Short dated gilts remain in demand, but index linked issues crash.
8 Oct 2008 If it's good enough for Warren Buffet, it's good enough for me. We take a look at GE bonds
2 Oct 2008 Model Portfolio takes a hammering as Bradford & Bingley PIBS suspended.
24 Sep 2008 Short Gilts benefit from flight to quality effect.
17 Sep 2008 Uncertainty and volitility. We take a look at HBOS 9.25% preference shares.
3 Sep 2008 A testing time for European bank bonds as ECB withdraws the safety net.
27 Aug 2008 Gilts and other high-quality bonds continue to gain on outlook for lower UK interest rates.  
20 Aug 2008 Time to lock in some good yields? We buy the Next 5.25% 2013 for the model portfolio.
13 Aug 2008 BoE's quarterly inflation forecast suggest dovish outlook for interest rates over the next two years. Longer dated gilts extend gains.
7 Aug 2008 European Investment Bank trades the range.
31 Jul 2008 Marks & Spencer bond offers 8.2% yield to maturity, eligible for ISA account.
23 Jul 2008 We re-invest into a weak market.    
9 Jul 2008 Retailer bonds under pressure as credit crunch, economic malaise bites.  
2 Jul 2008 Bearish economic conditions continue to hold sway, spill over into corporate bonds. 
25 Jun 2008 As perceived risk increases for UK corporate bonds, so does the potential reward for investors. we take a look at Kingfisher bonds  
11 Jun 2008  The great debate in the bonds markets has been between those who point to the dangers of inflation (bad for bonds), and those who raise the argument that we are heading into a recession, which will in due course lead to lower prices (good for bonds). This inflationary point of view is currently winning the day.
4 Jun 2008 Yields approach the top of the range, but shorter term technicals indicate that Gilts may continue to struggle to find support.
28 May 2008 Short term bonds continue to offer high yields.   Financial sector bonds continue to be amongst the hardest hit. This is a reversal of the usual situation where banks are considered to be the "next best thing" after government bonds. Sitting even below the banks in terms of investor confidence are the non-bank financials (i.e., investment banks, brokers and life insurance companies). These types of credits are typically quite exposed to swings in investors confidence and are typically more volatile than a bona-fide bank bond 
21 May 2008 Global inflation, or recession? We review the two schools of thought on the bond markets.
14 May 2008 Bradford and Bingley launches £300 million rights will this effect the B&B PIBS? The obvious conclusion would be that this is bad news, but a quick check in the market shows the bond trading a couple of points higher than yesterday. This is a classic example of how corporate action can affect different instruments in different ways.
8 May 2008 This morning sees the Bank of England MPC meet to decide on interest rates. The official base rate now stands at 5% and the balance of probability stands with a decision to keep rates unchanged, at least for this month. The real question is; does the BoE still have the power to control interest rates in the "real" world?
1 May 2008 Recovery is underway in the financial sector. We invest our spare cash in the Citigroup 5.125% Dec 2018.       
23 Apr 2008 Breakeven rate for Index Linked Gilts now 2.25-3.5%.In last week’s Bond of The Week we tackled the sometimes complex subject of index linked gilts, reviewing the UK Treasury 2% Jan 2035. We looked at the structure of these bonds and how both the semi-annual coupon and the redemption price are linked to the Retail Price Index (more)   
16 Apr 2008 Index linked Gilt holds price uptrend.
10 Apr 2008 We switch our PIBS holding, picking up Bradford & Bingley for a 10% yield.
2 Apr 2008 We highlight three bonds suitable for holding within an ISA.
27 Mar 2008 Gilts. high enough for the moment?
11 Mar 2008 Northern Rock PIBS face uncertain future as control passes to government. 
5 Mar 2008 It’s no crime to take a profit.
27 Feb 2008 Permanent Interest Bearing Shares (PIBS) provide high yield for investors provided to tolerate a degree of risk.
20 Feb 2008 Next bond offers high yield in depressed retail sector.   
13 Feb 2008 Two-and-a half year Merrill Lynch bond offers 6.35% yield.
6 Feb 2008 Gilts profit from equity market uncertainty.      
30 Jan 2008 Eleven year Tesco bond offers the chance to lock in rates.
23 Jan 2008 Fed cuts agressively, but inflation limits scope for rate reduction in the UK.
16 Jan 2008 World Bank, EIB, NIB and Italy. We review Sterling denominated sovereign and supranational bonds.   
9 Jan 2008 Marks & Spencer bonds take a beating on the back of poor results, now yielding 6.36%.       
4 Jan 2008 Gilts get off to a good start for 2008.