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Articles for 2009

22 Dec 2009 What a difference a year makes . bond markets say farewell to a roller-coaster year.     
15 Dec 2009 FirstGroup nine-year bond offers yield of over 6%. A tempting return, but the BBB- credit rating suggests that the investment is not without risk.  
8 Dec 2009 Yorkshire Building Society refinances Chelsea with convertible notes. 
1 Dec 2009 Switch from gilts to EIB issues?
24 Nov 2009 Marks & Spencer offer to buy back existing bond issues.   
17 Nov 2009 Long dated BT bonds offers below-par price and 7% yield to maturity.
10 Nov 2009 Long dated Vodafone bond drifts lower with the market.
3 Nov 2009 Holders of Lloyds preference shares feel the pain as the bank withholds coupons payments and offers COCO bonds in exchange.
27 Oct 2009 New super-long gilt offers an attractive vehicle for risk-positive bond traders.
20 Oct 2009 Tesco bonds offer 4.7% yield to maturity.    
13 Oct 2009 Old Mutual issues a new seven year deal with a 7.25% yield to maturity. It's a shame about the miniumum size, though.
6 Oct 2009 iShares broaden coverage of the UK bond market with a new "ex-financial" sterling bond ETF.
29 Sep 2009 British Telecom 10yr bond offers high running yield.   
22 Sep 2009 Increased limits on ISAs for over 50s available soon. why not top up your bond holdings?    
8 Sep 2009 New issue from giant Dutch cooperative bank offers 4% yield and a triple-A rating.
1 Sep 2009 Pressure from European Union puts payment of coupons for state-aided bank preference shares under pressure.
25 Aug 2009 RBS launches "Royal Bond", a retail-targeted six year security offering 5.3% yield to maturity.
19 Aug 2009 Subordinated debt continues its vigorous recovery. We highlight the Prudential 6.125% 2031 bond, currently offering over 7% yield to maturity.
12 Aug 2009 New 12 year bond for Barclays gets off to a good start, offers 5.7% yield to investors as issue opens for trade in the secondary market.
5 Aug 2009 Barclays 6% non-cumulative preference shares offer high running yield.
29 Jul 2009 Corporate bonds firm, bouyed by improving investor sentiment and firm supply-demand picture. We take a look at Segro bonds.
22 Jul 2009 Seven-year bond issued by British Telecom offers yield of nearly 7%.
8 Jul 2009 EIB 8-year bond looks good value, offering a 0.8% margin over gilts and a triple-A rating.
30 Jun 2009 Risk profile on PIBS increases as coupon payments come under pressure.
23 Jun 2009 Make mine a Bud! We buy the new Anheuser Busch Inbev eight-year bond for the model portfolio. 
16 Jun 2009  A new gilt issue, and a new way of selling it.
9 Jun 2009 iShares Sterling Corporate Bond ETF recovers, but longer-term performance is unimpressive.
3 Jun 2009 Retail-sector bonds continue their recovery. Kingfisher issues benefit from a decent set of figures, but the 5.625% 2104 bond still offers 6.2% yield to maturity.
27 May 2009 Gilts slip as Standard and Poor’s places the UK on "creditwatch negative". We take a contrarian view.
20 May 2009 Stamp duty payable on bond purchases? Yes, for some investors, no for others.   
13 May 2009 Subordinated bond from Aviva has complex features, but offers a tempting running yield.    
6 May 2009 General Electric bonds offer generous yield for AA-rated bond.
29 Apr 2009 Long-dated  Republic of Italy bonds offer the security of a sovereign issuer combined with fair value at the lower end of the price range.
22 Apr 2009 Budget brings news of above-expectation gilt issuance. Longer dated issues sell off, but support may be close at hand. 
15 Apr 2009 We re-invest proceeds from our recent sale into a bond issue from a well-known retailer.
8 Apr 2009 We take a profit in the premium-priced EIB 5.5% Dec 2011.
1 Apr 2009 The liquidity problem. we look at some strategies for dealing in a difficult market
25 Mar 2009 Long dated gilts sell off as inflation data surprises to the upside and gilt auction fails. We look to buy longer-dated corporate bond into weakness. 
18 Mar 2009 Unilever launches new retail-targeted Sterling bond.
11 Mar 2009 Quantative easing from the Bank of England boosts long gilts.
4 Mar 2009 New six-year maturity issue from Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche adds welcome diversity to the sterling bond market. 
25 Feb 2009 Two tier bond market continues to separate. Investors shun financial and subordinated debt, but continue to buy bonds issued by defensive industry groups.
18 Feb 2009 New Tesco bond offers 5% coupon, but no room for the little guy.
11 Feb 2009 Investors continue to seek yield from PIBS; Nationwide Building Society issues hold firm.      
4 Feb 2009 Last chance to buy Marks & Spencer bond for ISAs.
28 Jan 2009 War Loan bounces from support.
21 Jan 2009 Long dated Electricite de France bonds yield 6.4%.
14 Jan 2009 General Electric bonds rally sharply from the lows of last year. 
7 Jan 2009 Turning Japanese? Could the UK Gilt market follow down the road travelled by JGBs in the 1990's?