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Articles for 2010

14 Dec 2010 Watch out for witholding tax coupons from US issuers.
7 Dec 2010 New retail-targeted issue from RBS offers gearing to inflation. 
30 Nov 2010 Additional tranche of Ecclesiatical prefs offered to investors with a tempting 8.625% coupon.
23 Nov 2010 Fringe European sovereigns remain under pressure, we take a look at an Italian Eurosterling bond.
16 Nov 2010 Bradford and Bingley offer to buy back outstanding PIBS issues.
9 Nov 2010 Index linked gilts vs some of the new index-linked issues. The pro and cons. 
2 Nov 2010 Provident Financial bonds knocked back on withdrawal of recent Euro bond launch.
26 Oct 2010 RBS launch two new retail-targeted issues - index linked and floating rate 12-year issues.  
18 Oct 2010 We take a look at one of the "frozen" Lloyds Banks preference shares.
11 Oct 2010 We take a profit on our Rabobank bonds.
5 Oct 2010 GKN nine-year bonds drift wider on takeover rumours, offer yield to maturity of 6.4%.
28 Sep 2010 Heads you win, tails you win. Barclays launches new inflation-linked bond with a 3% miniumum coupon
21 Sep 2010 Lloyds TSB 30-year bond offers 6.6% yield to maturity.
10 Sep 2010 Yorkshire Building Society Society Contingent convertibles offer 11% yield.
8 Sep 2010 iShares broaden range of fixed income ETFS with launch of new Euro High Yield vehicle.
31 Aug 2010 High coupons and high prices make for an uncomfortable mixture for taxpayers.
24 Aug 2010 5% yield becomes a hard target to meet as corporate bond yields are dragged lower by the strong gilt market. 
17 Aug 2010 Enterprise Inns bond offers yield to redemption of over 9%.
10 Aug 2010 RBS ten-year retail-targeted bond now offers good value with 5.3% yield to maturity and below-par price.
3 Aug 2010 New index linked gilt auction raises record amount, but switch to CPI benchmarking for pensions creates problems for funds. 
27 Jul 2010 GKN bonds continue to offer value.
21 Jul 2010 Perceptions of "reasonable yield" slowly change.
13 Jul 2010 When to take profit? Some thoughts on a tricky subject.
6 Jul 2010 John Lewis offers to buy back its 6.375% 2012 bond issue.
29 Jun 2010 We take a profit on one of our bond holdings.
22 Jun 2010 BP bonds plunge on credit dowgrades; price now starts to stabilise with four-year bonds yielding 5.3%.  
15 Jun 2010 New retail-targeted issue from Lloyds TSB offers 5.375% yield for a 5-year maturity and senior credit status.
1 Jun 2010 Lower-rated bonds sell off as market moves back into risk aversion mode. Long-dated BT bonds drift back towards the 7% YTM area.
25 May 2010 iShares high-yield bond ETF sells off as investors exit risk-assets.
18 May 2010 Natwest preference shares continue to pay coupons, offer 8.8% running yield. We buy a small holding for the model portfolio.    
11 May 2010 A good entry point for Bunds?
4 May 2010 Goldman Sachs bonds trade lower, now offer yield of 6.5%. We watch to buy.
27 Apr 2010 Co-op perpetual bonds offer fixed-to floating coupon. We kick the tires on this slightly unusual bond.   
20 Apr 2010 Take a profit or hold to maturity? We take a look at the benefits and costs of trading out of over-par bonds.
13 Apr 2010 db x-tracker ETFs offer a method for trading credit spreads.     
6 Apr 2010 Bonds and ISAs.
30 Mar 2010 New ten-year bond from Provident Financial offers 7% yield.     
23 Mar 2010 We take a look at the relative performance of ten-year Bunds and Gilts.
16 Mar 2010 Slim pickings in the shorter end of the Sterling bond market.       
9 Mar 2010 Long dated Prudential bonds easier on M&A developments. Yield edges up towards 6%.
2 Mar 2010 Switching shorter offers defensive strategy for holders of long gilts.
23 Feb 2010  Principality PIBS offer yield of nearly 10%.        
16 Feb 2010 We take another look at the PIBS market, tempted by the 11% yield on the Chelsea/Yorkshire issue  .
9 Feb 2010 European sovereign debt sector upsets the apple cart. we take a look at sterling-denominated issues in this sector.
2 Feb 2010 RBS launches 5.1% coupon ten-year bond, aimed fairly and squarely at retail customers.
26 Jan 2010 New Manchester United bond hits the streets.   
19 Jan 2010 GKN bonds offer 6.5% yield. 
12 Jan 2010 Gilts weak, but demand for corporate bonds remains robust.
5 Jan 2010 Gilts test 4% yield. We aim to keep duration down for the next couple of months.