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Articles for 2011

30 Dec 2011 The Treasury 3.75% 2019 wins the "Bond of the year" slot.
20 Dec 2011 "Ex financials" ETF pulls ahead.
13 Dec 2011 We take a look at the options for hedging against a sell-off in gilts.
6 Dec 2011 Intermediate Capital Group launches new retail-targeted bond, offering 7% YTM with a seven-year maturity.
30 Nov 2011 Tesco Bank rolls on with its retail issuance program, launching a new 2019 maturity index-linked bond. 
22 Nov 2011 NRAM and B&B launch tender to buy back subordinated debt.
16 Nov 2011 Bank debt continues to trade on wide spreads.
8 Nov 2011 Lloyds TSB statement points towards resumption of discretionary coupon payments.
1 Nov 2011 Italian bond prices fall on Eurozone worries.
25 Oct 2011 New super-long index linked gilt hits the streets.
18 Oct 2011 Daily Mail bond offers 7% yield.
11 Oct 2011 A new paradigm for long-dated gilt yields?
4 Oct 2011 Anheuser-Buch Inbev bond rolls over after achieving price high in the summer.
28 Sep 2011 Longer-dated bonds benefit from the Fed's "twist" operation.
20 Sep 2011 Santander preference shares now trading below par.
13 Sep 2011 New National Grid index-linked bond powers up the UK retail market with first-of-a-kind issue.
6 Sep 2011 Enterprise Inns bonds follow the share price south.
31 Aug 2011 Time to dip a toe into bank bonds?
23 Aug 2011 Debt Management Office taps the index linked 1.875% 2022 gilt.  
17 Aug 2011 This week we focus on BT 5.75% 2028.     
9 Aug 2011 Thank goodness for bonds! Gilts and high quality corporates maintain their strength as equity markets continue to slide.
2 Aug 2011 Yield on ten-year gilts tests the important lows at 2.80%.
19 Jul 2011 Volatility in Italian government debt offers trading opportunity. BTP pulls back from the brink of 6% YTM.
12 Jul 2011 BTPs yields push above 5%. Italy Eurosterling bonds hold above par.
5 Jul 2011 Financial sector bonds offer value.
28 Jun 2011 Gilts; high enough for the moment?
21 Jun 2011 Subordinated debt drifts lower. along with investor convidence in the banking sector.
15 Jun 2011 RBS issues lag the rally and continue to offer five-plus yields.
7 Jun 2011 We take a profit in one of our short-dated holdings.
1 Jun 2011 We take a look at two ETFS - the iShares Sterling Corporate Bond and the iShares Corporate Bond (ex-financials).
24 May 2011 A new issue in the offing for housing association Places for People.
17 May 2011 Next PLC buys back debt, issues new longer dated bonds.
10 May 2011 GE bond offers 5% yield and AA+ rating.
3 May 2011 A switch in between two European Investment bank issues.
19 Apr 2011 Co-op embarks on a debt extension program for subordinated debt .
12 Apr 2011 War Loan drifts down towards the bottom of the range. Is it time to buy?
5 Apr 2011 Dixons bonds marked lower on profit warning. is this a buying opportunity?
29 Mar 2011 With RPI running at 5.5% y-o-y, the attractions of index-linked bonds move to the fore.
22 Mar 2011 Price of PIBS shows slight downward drift.
15 Mar 2011 The ISA season gets underway. We take a look at a few bonds that will provide a tax-free income within this simple, effective and low-cost wrapper.
11 Mar 2011 New issue from Provident Financial offers 7.5% yield on five-and-half years maturity. 
10 Mar 2011 New Lloyds Banking Group retail-targeted bond now in the subscription period.
8 Mar 2011 Italy Eurosterling bonds move into the buy zone.
1 Mar 2011 Financials improve, but retailers continue to slip.
22 Feb 2011 A sharp improvement in the price of Bradford & Bingley PIBS.
15 Feb 2011 We take a profit in Next 5.25% 2013.
8 Feb 2011 Step-up coupons and call dates, we take a look at this contentious subject.
1 Feb 2011 Tesco brings new retail-targeted bond from its banking subsidiary with expected coupon of 5%.
25 Jan 2011 Nationwide Floating Rate PIBS offer an interesting geared play on rising rates.
18 Jan 2011 High-quality issuance in the shorter end.
11 Jan 2011 With EU legislation aiming to "equitise" senior bank debt, we take a look at the ramifications for this asset class.
4 Jan 2011 We take a look at a fairly rare beast - a corporate index linked bond.