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Articles for 2009

2 Dec 2009 A good year for bonds.
3 Nov 2009 Corporate bonds pull back from recent price highs.
25 Sep 2009 Valuation of portfolio creeps higher, but some loss of momentum evident as the recovery from oversold matures.
26 Aug 2009 Bull market in corporate bonds continues to lift model portfolio valuations.  
6 Aug 2009 Bull market lifts valuations for model portfolio.    
7 Jul 2009 Overall portfolio valuation holds steady.    
2 Jun 2009 Model Portfolio takes a knock from B&B PIBS holding, but general tone for corporate bonds continues to be firm.
29 Apr 2009 Portfolio valuations remain fairly steady. We continue to be overweight cash and seeking to invest.
1 Apr 2009 We add a new position, and take a profit in an old friend.
28 Feb 2009 We make a few changes in the model portfolio, reducing our subordinated exposure and investing cash in non-financials.
28 Jan 2009 Model portfolio starts into the new year with 20% cash. Corporate bonds show improvement.