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Articles for 2008

12 Dec 2008 "I’m forever blowing bubbles". Jackson Wong examines the history of policy at the US Federal Reserve that led the credit boom and subsequent slump.    
20 Nov 2008 Disinflationary developments give central banks room to cut rates.
10 Oct 2008 Deep Freeze! Money and credit markets frozen as crisis of confidence hits the world's financial system.
18 Sep 2008 Inflation is now the least of the worries for the central banks.
14 Aug 2008 A very unhappy anniversary. July’s CPI report, published earlier this week, showed prices accelerating to a 4.4% year-on-year rate from 3.8% in June, a rate that translates to 5.0% when measured by the broader Retail Price Index.
22 Jul 2008 The phoney credit crunch.What is badly missing from the current debate on the credit crunch, and its likely macro economic fallout, is a sense of perspective.  At one extreme we have predictions of a depression of 1930s proportions.  At the other we have naturally contrary journalists.
18 Jun 2008 Credit where credit’s due?.As regular readers might have already guessed, I am not exactly the Bank of England’s number one fan.     
19 May 2008 "Nobody likes a smart arse” or “a stitch in time saves nine”?    Our economics correspondent vents his wrath on complacency at the BoE.  My anger is therefore not that I feel that the current level of interest rates is somehow inappropriate, but it is the sheer frustration that the Bank ignored very compelling evidence that price pressures were building.  In fact many MPC members did rather more than merely ignore the evidence; they fostered a climate in which it almost became politically incorrect to question their orthodoxy. 
16 Apr 2008 The credit crunch.why, what and how long will it last?   The crunch’s impact has now extended beyond the confines of Wall Street and into Main Street.  Today the crunch is no longer the exclusive preserve of (former) multi-millionaire investment bankers.  On a daily basis we are being assailed by reports of falling house prices and the difficulties in obtaining competitive finance for what is, for most of us, easily our largest asset (more)    
17 Mar 2008 I was there.   
14 Feb 2008 Collateral damage. do we need a recession to clear out the dead wood?      
14 Jan 2008 The middle way to road kill.