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Articles for 2009

2 Dec 2009 This edition of Monthly Banker takes a look at the growing mountain of sovereign debt.         
2 Nov 2009 Central banks pump in money. but will the economy respond? Jackson Wong takes a look at some of the contrasting economic factors at work in the US.
29 Sep 2009 Bernake makes positive comments on the economy, but rates seem set stay low for some time.
28 Aug 2009 Central Banks strive to maintain quantitative easing.
31 Jul 2009 Should one hedge against central banks' policies by buying gold?
30 Jun 2009 This edition of Monthly Banker discusses Obamas recent financial reforms.
1 Jun 2009 This edition of Monthly Banker discusses the implications of the recent fall in US long term bond prices. 
1 May 2009 Recovery green shoots or weeds? We take up the debate.     
30 Mar 2009 Could we be at the turning point of the fourth Kondratieff cycle? Jackson Wong gazes into the macro-economic cystal ball.
19 Feb 2009 Is inflating debt the only way out for debtors?
14 Jan 2009 Central banks move towards unconventional methods to help support the financial markets.