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Articles for 2012

11 Dec 2012 What will 2013 bring? Here are my predictions for the new year.
26 Nov 2012 High Yielders at cyclical highs?
16 Oct 2012 We take a look at the US 'fiscal cliff'.
20 Sep 2012 QE3!
30 Aug 2012 We anticipate the impact of QE3.
23 Jul 2012 2-year government bond yields tumbling towards sub-zero levels.
12 Jul 2012 The bull market in government bonds rolls on.
29 May 2012 Core government yields plunged to record lows on rising risk aversion. 
29 Mar 2012 Mixed signals from the central banks, the data and the markets.
9 Feb 2012 BoE goes for more quantative easing. Low rates look to stay for some time to come.