Useful Links:
Fixed Income Links

Fixed Income Forum – An open forum for the discussion of retail bonds in the UK.

II Markets – Buy Bonds and speculate on fixed income products with access to Investors Intelligence

Bank of England – The central bank of the United Kindom. A great website for economic statistics.

Bond Vigilantes – An informative "blog" from the fixed income fund management team at M&G. – Bloomberg’s 11 international web sites provide an up-to-the-minute mix of data, news and tools related to financial markets, economics, politics, personal finance and lifestyle.

BAA – The BBA is the leading association for the UK banking and financial services sector, speaking for 228 banking members from 60 countries on the full range of UK or international banking issues and engaging with 35 associated professional firms.

Berry FX – For converting and hedging currency exposure and international money transfers.

BSA – The UK Building Societies' website. Useful info from the association of thisgroup of organisations, which remain frequent issuers in the bond and PIBS market – The Frankfurt exchange. A useful information source on Euro-denominated bonds. Surprisingly, some info on GBP bonds too. – Market makers and institutional advisors indebt,proactively supporting the development of the UK retail bond market

Cascap – High yield fixed income advisory boutique offering bespoke proprietary research and advice – A Bond of a different type, James Bond to be precise. Absolutely nothing to do with fixed income, but a very good website for fans of all things 007. – A useful website showing the biggest movers in Credit Default Swaps (CDS). Useful to see what is on the move, up and down, both amongst sovereign credits and corporates. – The UK Government Debt Mangement Office. A host of useful information on Gilts and Index Linked Gilts for the private investor. Full prospectuses of Gilt issues can be downloaded from here.

Europan Investment Bank – The European Investment Bank is one of the major issuers in the Sterling bond markets andencourages retail participation. Link goes straight to the Sterling bond page.

FT Alphaville – The FT's user-generated content site. Many posts by experienced market practioners.

Good Money Guide – Guides and comparisons of the best brokers in the UK

Hargreaves Lansdown – Hargreaves Lansdown low-cost corporate bond, PIB and Gilt dealing service. View prices, charts and yield figures today. Plus, free alerts and applications for new retail bond launches.

High Yield Bond – All about the European high-yield bond market.

Investors Chronicle – The UK's best selling weekly investment publication. Broad coverage of the UK market and fair bit of fixed income stuff.

Investing in bonds – A useful website with a focus on European bonds and Eurobonds. Includes price data and yield. – Website from the IFR, a trade journal for investment bankers. Some free-to-view content – Technical analysis of the international financial markets, including coverage of fixed income securities and uk retaill bond prices read more about this service here

Lloyds Banking Group – Useful IR section of Lloyds bank website with details of the variousLloyds bonds and preference shares

Lexicon FT – The FT's Lexicon of Finance - a useful dictionary of the language of Mamon.

London Stock Exchange – Link goes to the London Stock Exchange's Retail Bond platform, shows prices andtrades in selected gilts and corporates.

Marketprices.ft – Link goes straight to the FT's international bond data page. – Register to gain access to credit ratings on over 170,000 corporate, government, and structured finance securities. Free to private users.

ORBIG – The Order book for Retail Bond Issuers Group (ORBIG) mission is to promote the merits and understanding of retail bonds listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Order book for Retail Bonds (ORB) trading platform.

Motely Fool Bonds Board – The Motley Fool's bulletin board for bonds and gilts.

Motley Fool Banking Board – The Motely Fool's bulletin board for "banking sector" - a useful place for news and views on prefs, PIBS etc

Office of National Statistics – Office for National Statistics - RPI, CPI, average earnings etc. – The leading international news agency. Coverage of international markets and related issues.

RPI Data Tables – - goes straight to the RPI data tables

S&P – Provider of credit ratings assessing the risk of default associated withdifferent bond issues. Standard & Poor's offers the public access tocurrent ratings information.Viewers must register (free)to view data.

Seeking Alpha – US website with high-quality user generated content. Plenty of interesting articles about macro, US Bonds, ETFs etc.

Swap Rates – A useful website with data on money market, swaps and other wholesale market rates.

Yahoo Finance – The Yahoo Finance UK bond page. Daily updates on market moves and macro-economic developments. Link goes straight to bond page.

Yield Model – The Yield Model...An alternative look at interest rates. Econometric forecast of yields for a variety of US fixed-income asset classes. – An interesting alternative to lending in the bondmarkets. Zopa matches private investors with private borrowers, effectively cutting out the middle man. Transactions are spread out over a pool of individual borrowers and lenders to minimise default risk.