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Many of you will be familiar with Mark Glowrey, Head of Retail Bonds at Canaccord Genuity.  Mark was a director here at Investors Intelligence for over a decade and also launched Fixed Income Investor back in 2005, a resource for private investors in the sterling fixed income market.

What you may not be aware of is that Mark has written a practical guide for investors and advisors – The Sterling Bonds and Fixed Income Handbook, published by Harriman House.

There are few people better placed and qualified to write the guide. Mark has over twenty five years experience on trading securities and advising institutional customers, specializing in fixed income securities and treasury products and he has contributed to many well known investment websites and publications over the years including the Investors Chronicle.

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We recommend:

First Steps in Bonds by Peter Temple: One of the great mysteries of the investment world is why more private investors don't trade in bonds. First Steps in Bonds introduces readers to the key issues revolving around the bond markets. It covers in detail each of the main segments of the market - government bonds, corporate bonds, Eurobonds and other types. Supported by illustrative stories, trading scenarios and worked examples, it will lead investors through the concepts whilst always keeping one eye on the reality of the markets. By cutting through all the jargon used by the professionals, the author provides you with the practical guidance and sensible strategies to enable you to trade in bonds with confidence.



An Introduction to the Bond Markets by Patrick Brown: This book gives an introduction to the bond markets to readers who have an interest in understanding what they are, how they work, and how they can be used, but do not want to be intimidated by mathematical formulae.

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