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Bond ETF Review description



Bond ETF Review description:

The purpose of the Bond ETF Review on Fixed Income Investor is to provide a monthly overview of the major trends in the global fixed income markets via our Bond ETF universe.

Our Bond ETF universe attempts to cover the largest, most liquid ETFs across the categories of Government, Corporate and Emerging Market bond funds. Whilst most of the universe consists of US-listed funds, several of the larger UK- and Europe-listed bond ETFs have also been included.


Review structure:

Market Overview

This section provides a general summary of the whole review, outlining the general trends in the bond markets and the movements of the highlighted bond ETF charts in the review


Trend Summary

This is a small table listing the members of the Bond ETF universe, separated by category and sorted by their corresponding SR Trend Score.

The SR Trend Score is a proprietary technical indicator developed by Stockcube Research which uses historical data to describe a stock or asset's overall medium term trend pattern. The SR trend score is comprised of measures of short term trend and medium term trend, but the SR trend score weights the medium term trend more heavily than the short term trend. There are also measures of momentum and volume incorporated into the calculation but these have a lesser impact. In terms of the bond market, Stockcube uses the 20+ Year Treasury ETF (TLT) as the relative benchmark.

Stockcube divides the universe into four trend quadrants:

Score of 50 to 100: medium term price and relative (to TLT) uptrend

Score of 0 to 50: positive medium term range-trader

Score of 0 to -50: negative medium term range-trader

Score of -50 to -100: medium term price and relative (to TLT) downtrend

The score is designed to give an idea of the trend composition for a group of similar assets and their shifts over time.


Portfolio Highlights

This is a simple list of the bond ETFs that have been highlighted for further analysis (shown in the chart analysis section below)


Bond ETF Statistics

This is a larger table listing the constituents of the Bond ETF universe and various useful statistics – namely the last price, last dividend, last dividend pay date, dividend frequency, and the estimated yield (calculated manually from the last dividend and the last price)


Chart analysis


This section provides a more in-depth analysis of the charts of interest that have been selected that week. A small, technical comment is made and a line chart provided along with a momentum and/or relative indicator. Typically, at least 2 charts from each of the 3 categories of fund are chosen each report.

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